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Section Gamma will be available 2024!

Section Gamma is a post-apocalyptic turn-based multi-platform strategy-action multiplayer game.

Fight for dominance in the post-apocalyptic world of Section Gamma. Upgrade your troops, unlock new technologies, and use tactical cunning to defeat your enemies.

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Welcome to Section Gamma, a turn-based strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic world where a meteorite impact has left the Earth in ruins. As a commander, you must lead your faction in a fierce battle for dominance over the valuable energy crystals discovered in Section Gamma.

With limited resources and an uncertain future, you must make strategic decisions to upgrade your troops, unlock new technologies, and mine the valuable crystals to secure your place as the dominant faction in this world. But be warned, your opponents are just as determined to succeed as you are, and you'll need to stay one step ahead to emerge victorious.

With turn-based action and strategy gameplay, Section Gamma offers an immersive and challenging experience for players. Whether you choose to go solo or team up with others, you'll need to use all of your cunning and tactical skills to outmaneuver your opponents and emerge as the ultimate victor.

So what are you waiting for? Join the battle for dominance in Section Gamma today and prove that you have what it takes to lead your faction to victory!

Save the world

Our Roadmap

Milestone 1


Idea & Concept

Development of a science fiction board game, which is to provide the later provide the basis for the concept of Section Gamma.

Milestone 2


Planning for Video Game Adoption

Mathias & Karim had the idea to realise the game in the form of a video game. It was important that the game be cross-platform and playable online.

Milestone 3

March 17, 2019

Begin of Development

After the initial planning phase, the first line of code was written on March 17th. We started with the backend, which contains the game logic and the multiplayer aspect. Two months later, we simultaneously start developing the frontend in Unity.

Milestone 4

May 30, 2020

First Prototype

The first playable prototype sees the light of day in May 2020. What we didn't know at the time: It will still be a long way until the finished release.

Milestone 5

March 7, 2023

Founding of Default Company OÜ

After four years of development, the Early Access release is slowly emerging. We are determined to publish our game, which started as a hobby project, and expect millions of active monthly players. ;)

Milestone 6


Early Access Release

The time has come! Finally we present our masterpiece to the public: Section Gamma!

Milestone 7


Full Release

We have a lot of ideas and concepts that we want to integrate into the game before we finally publish it.


The best way to answer all your questions is to just try out the game! It's completely free and should be available for your device.

But of course, we try to give you the answers to the most frequently asked questions right here. If you have any further questions, you can find more details below.

When will you release?

We plan on releasing in Early Access in 2024, with the final release in 2026.

What does Multiplatform mean?

It means it doesn't matter which device you use. You can play on your phone, while your friend is playing on their PC or tablet.

Is Section Gamma free to play?

Yes. You can play Section Gamma for free. We offer additional content as a subscription, but you don't need it to play the game.

How many players can play together?

Depending on the map, you can play with two to four players in different configurations. You can play 1v1, 1v3 or play in teams. You can also play against the AI.

How many factions are there to play?

We currently offer Faction Alpha and Faction Omega as a playable variant. An alien faction is already in planning.

Is there a singleplayer campaign?

Yes. Currently, the campaign is not fully worked out and will expand with the full release drastically.

Next update when?

We are only a small team of two and develop the game during our free time, so we won't be able to deliver huge updates every week, but we work tirelessly on bringing you the best features as soon as possible.

How can I report a bug or suggest a feature?

We are active on Steam and would love to hear your feedback there. You can find more information on how to contact us below.


Hello! We are Karim & Mathias, the founders of Default Company and Section Gamma.
If there is anything you love or hate about this game... we are responsible for it. You're welcome, and sorry.

Mathias Detzner

Co-Founder & Chief Creative Imagineer

Karim Geiger

Co-Founder & Chief Shenanigans Officer

Contact Us

We always love to hear from our community! The best place to contact us is through the Steam Discussions. If you have a question for us directly, please reach out to us via email.